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Spiritual principles and practices have enriched our lives in ways we never imagined. We live by them and benefit from them every day. For those who seek a better way of life, filled with meaning, joy and gratitude, we are committed to showing the way.
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"At an early age, the principles of Science Of Mind revealed to me that there are greater powers at work and that there is a science to understanding them and applying them. I have used these principles in my own life and can only share my own experiences in calling others to experience for themselves the magnificent truths that are present in their lives by right of their own existence. The truth is that we are greater than who we think we are and that we are the perfect spiritual expression of eternal life. This philosophy is simple and life-changing for any willing student." 

Lloyd Tupper, D.D. has been teaching spiritual principles and practices to practitioners, ministers, large audiences and clients and daily practicing this “spiritual art form” for over forty years. Widely distinguished an expert on Spiritual Mind Treatment and a scion of its earliest architects, Dr. Tupper is preeminently qualified to bring Spiritual Mind Treatment to a broader audience who seek the promises of an abundant life. This life includes health, wealth, love and happiness. Any one at any level of spiritual self-realization will benefit from Dr. Lloyd’s inspiring daily messages.

Dr. Lloyd George Tupper was born in Boston, Massachusetts and was raised in a traditional Christian home. To complement this, his mother, being an avid reader and proponent of Emerson, Thoreau and other New Thought teachers, influenced Dr. Tupper’s mind from his early development with inspired thoughts of the Transcendentalist movement prevalent in New England at that time.

In 1958 at the age of 19, Dr. Tupper began his career on Wall Street. In 1963, he started his real estate investment career. His business career ended formally as a senior advisor to Rothschild properties, a subsidiary of the Rothschild Bank, London and Tokyo in 1999.

Dr. Tupper entered Religious Science in 1967. His personal teachers included Dr. Raymond Charles Barker, Dr. Robert H. Bitzer, Dr. Robert Scott, and Dr. Vetura Papke. He graduated ministerial school in 1974, and was ordained in 1981.

Dr. Tupper was the founding President of the Holmes Institute, a Graduate School of Consciousness Studies which has been teaching and licensing ministers since 1987. He is now its President Emeritus.

Dr. Tupper has held four pulpits in the Religious Science movement. They are Napa, CA, Burlingame, CA, San Francisco, CA and the First Church of Religious Science in San Jose. He is currently the Minister Emeritus at the Golden Gate Church for Spiritual Living in Corte Madera, CA, which he founded in 1983 in San Francisco.

As minister and leader of the International Centers For Spiritual Living for over thirty-five years, Dr. Tupper is a highly respected scholar of Science of Mind principles. He is considered among very few, an ultimate authority on the works of Judge Thomas Troward, one of the most studied philosophers by all metaphysicians.

In 2007, Dr. Tupper was honored with the “Living Treasure” Award by his peers at the Annual Minister’s Convocation of United Clergy.

In May 2009, Lloyd was elected President of the Science Of Mind Foundation, and organization whose purpose is to promote, perpetuate and disseminate the teachings of The Science of Mind philosophy throughout the world.

Lloyd Tupper is a captivating teacher who has the unique ability to compel novices to learn more and also to urge the most advanced students and experienced ministers to a deeper transformative understanding.
"I live in a universe of Divine Order. This universe expects me to live in it with wisdom and love, and this I do. I know that with creative thinking,
premised upon good, there are no impossibilities for me.” from the book 365 days of Richer Living by Ernest Holmes Raymond Charles Barker
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