Sunday, May 24, 2015
Daily Inspiration
Inspiration is the activity of Spirit within. The ways to cultivate inspiration are as infinite as Spirit Itself. The more we learn the principles of Life, the greater our ability to apply them to enrich our own life. Spiritual practice brings deeper meaning to our life and allows Spirit to express through us, by way of it. Inspiration wakes us up to our own Divinity and the joy of our eternal unfoldment.
Spiritual Mind Treatments
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These articles, spiritual mind treatments, practices and affirmations are excellent companions to the audio and essays in the TEACHINGS section and will be updated often.


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"I live in a universe of Divine Order. This universe expects me to live in it with wisdom and love, and this I do. I know that with creative thinking,
premised upon good, there are no impossibilities for me.” from the book 365 days of Richer Living by Ernest Holmes Raymond Charles Barker
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